Campaign Operation Rebuild

Campaign Operation Rebuild

Help rehabilitate 2000 families, victims of the Himalayan Tsunami

Who Are We?

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A Silicon Valley based civic organization, UMA (Uttarakhand Mandal of America) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the US IRS Tax Code section 170. UMA has launched Operation Rebuild with the goal of helping restore the lives of at least 2000 families who have been devastated in the recent flood related calamity in Uttarakhand, India. Your contributions are tax deductible. UMA is making a global appeal and working with organizers in other North American cities.

People We Are Trying To Help

The people we would be supporting are hard-working, proud people with meager resources who have lost their homes, small businesses, and sole bread-earners. We believe many of the victims are the families of India's brave service men and women, who deserve all our support at the time of their need.

Our goal is to rebuild their lives by providing funds and materials to help heal the local communities.

Funds Management

A committee of Trustees from AIF and UMA is responsible for the management of all funds, including the due diligence and effective deployment of all funds raised. Proper progress reports will also be posted from time to time.

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Our Timeline

We have put in place the essential processes and controls to receive funds. Please contribute now and we will continue our efforts until the objectives are met. We expect the disbursement of funds to begin within 3-months and ahead of the arrival of severe winters.

Please Donate Generously

Your Donation Will Make A Work Of Difference To 2000 Families

Please help the most you can:

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Aug 29: Operation Rebuild Update: Published Report

Nov 12: New updates for donors announced Donor Updates

Nov 03: Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand contributes USD 10K+ for UMA Operation Rebuild.

Sep 30: Megachips donates $30,000 to UMA Operation Rebuild.

Sep 08: Radio interview with Anup Nautiyal and Renu Bhatt on AM 1150 Radio Zindagi in SF Bay Area. Listen

Aug 14: Radio Zindagi of Silicon Valley interviews UMA President Renu Bhatt and Treasurer Rajive Joshi. Listen

Aug 13: Google contributes $100K towards UMA Operation Rebuild.

Aug 10: Singapore Uttarakhandis community sends pictures.

Aug 02: Silicon Valley's local radio station interviews Dr. Kailash Joshi and Renu Bhatt about Uttrakhand relief efforts. Listen

Aug 02: UMA invites global Uttarakhand organizations to join AIF-UMA partnership. Invitation Letter

July 31: AIF-UMA released a joint appeal towards Uttarakhand relief.

July 30: Pledge Your Time in Uttarakahnd. Help rebuild the region by actual grassroots volunteering.

Individual Donations

All contributions are highly appreciated.

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Donate Now

Use the PayPal button below to donate. Also, please spread the word through your social network.

Donate By Check

Make checks payable to "UMA Operation Rebuild" and mail to:

UMA, PO Box 847

Cupertino, CA 95015, USA

Thank you for your support! Your receipt for donation would be issued promptly.

Donate In Rupees

Please go to AIF website for Indian Rupee donations. Your donations in INR get 50% 80G tax exemption.

(UMA is not setup to process rupee donations)

The trustees are committed to the delivery of 100% of donor's contributions to victims.

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Operation Rebuild Trustee Group

Responsible for management and deployment of all funds.

July 30: Donate In Rupees

Please go to AIF website for Indian Rupee donations. (UMA is not setup to process rupee donations)

July 28: 52% aged below 30 Years missing in Kedar Valley. Report

July 28: UMA partners with American India Foundation ( to strengthen Operation Rebuild.

July 19: UMA volunteers issue survey report by village, block and district

July 19: Ontario Uttarakhand Association joins the UMA Operation Rebuild

July 16: Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand( UANZ ) joins the UMA Operation Rebuild

July 9: Singapore Diaspora joins the UMA Operation Rebuild: Help rehabilitate 2000 families, victims of the Himalayan Tsunami

June 26: Mail Today: Devastating floods in Uttarakhand were a disaster waiting to happen

June 25: India West: U.S. Groups Launch Long-Term Relief Efforts for Flood Victims

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UMA Volunteers

Pledge Your Time

For detailed profiles of the trustees and officers, please visit the Team page.

Contact Us

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the following UMA volunteers or send an email to

Volunteer Group

There is a dedicated and growing team of Global UMA Volunteers who all have one common goal in mind -- to help the victims of this tragedy. Key volunteer roles are still being filled. All volunteers are most welcome. Join Us. Make a real difference!

Please email:

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