Donor Updates

November 12, 2013

To Our Donors

The Operation Rebuild team of Uttarakhand Mandal of America (UMA) thanks you again for your generous donation. Your contribution has made it possible for us to now plan and implement a few programs to improve the lives of many Uttarakhand flood victims.

  1. Fund Raising Amount: With the efforts of volunteers in Silicon Valley, India, and the Uttarakhand Diaspora of Singapore and New Zealand, UMA has raised over a quarter million dollars so far. With AIF dollar for dollar matching up to $300K, we have about half a million dollars. The entire amount is available for deployment in Uttarakhand collectively by UMA and AIF.

  1. Management of Funds: UMA will maintain the amount collected in its account and release these to AIF on a project-by–project basis, after the AIF-UMA joint Trustee Group agrees on the projects and timelines. UMA has designated four Trustees for this purpose, with one being a rotating chair. This group is expected to remain active until all funds have been allocated to projects during the coming year or so.

  1. Deployment Methodology: Both UMA and AIF have begun receiving proposals from NGOs in India. Two such proposals are currently being evaluated for appropriateness and the credentials of the NGO’s. We are also encouraging submission of more projects from other NGO’s. We expect the first one or two projects to be selected for deployment in the next two months or so. Once the projects begin, AIF’s India office will maintain supervision and UMA will receive regular updates on all projects.

  1. Focus Areas for Deployment: UMA had ambitious plans to help 2000 families. Since our fund raising amount has not reached the $1 million dollars estimated for such purpose, we will still aim to support 1000 families or more. The areas of our focus are livelihood training, rebuilding, healthcare and education.

  1. Future Communications with Donors & Volunteers: After this update, we will periodically post our progress on our website UMAUS.ORG. However, if you have any questions please feel free to write to us at

Once again, thank you for your generous donation.

Renu Bhatt, on behalf of the UMA Team